Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Hi folks, I'm currently back in New-Brunswick, my home province, for the month of July and for another round of caricature drawing at the Crystal Palace Amusement Park here in Moncton. Some drawings from my first day of caricatures this year.

I'll try and take photos of my drawing setup everyday as well

This is Mel, a new neighbour at the park. She's a vendor at the "Waxmen" booth. She dips your hand in a big tub of hot wax to make a pretty wax mold of your hand. She's around most of the time so I've drawn her a few times already; whenever the park isn't really busy.

Mel again

Accidently took this photo.

These were done for free. I offer free caricatures whenever it gets a little slow in the park. Better to draw than  to simply wait around.

This is how I've been approaching most of my caricatures. Its a process I've learned from the great 
Joe Bluhm.
You make an initial quick sketch and you place a new sheet of paper on top to re-draw it with a clean line.
You keep making adjustments as you go along too.

Meet another vendor from the Waxmen booth! Justine.
She replaces Mel sometimes.

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